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Food Security Program

Global Access and Inclusion Foundation is now providing FREE Food Boxes with essential supplies to families and individuals who cannot afford to buy food due to financial hardships.

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Women Empowerment

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Global Access and Inclusion Foundation

Global Access and Inclusion Foundation (GAIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusion, diversity and equity in local communities and across Canada. With a multidimensional approach to global health, GAIF closely collaborates with governments, employers and communities to understand and address health disparities. 

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How You Can Help Your Community 

With your donation, you can help us provide educational, recreational and employment opportunities for kids and youth disabilities. Not to mention,  support and counselling for parents and caregivers of individuals with disabilities. 


Diversity and


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Youth Employment

GAIFs connect youth to employment resources and provides employment literacy sessions where youth can explore their career interests.

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Health Literacy

GAIF provides seniors with essential literacies to reduce health concerns and improve health outcomes. Our programs also enhance relationships between seniors and community healthcare professionals.

Our Services & Programs

Our programs and services are designed for a variety of individuals; these include kids and youth with disabilities, parents and caregivers. Most of our services are free of charge or required a minimum fee. They can bee booked by our online checkout or by phone.

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