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Raising the opportunities of kids with disabilities 

Through our donation portal, you can support, care and maintain the lives of kids and youth with disabilities. With your donations, we focus on sharing disability literacy to families, business and institutional sectors around the greater Vancouver area, as well as providing community, recreational and counselling services for kids and youth with disabilities. You can help us with a one-time donation or monthly donation to continue providing support for our humble cause. 

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The Facts That Affect 

The People We Love

  • "1 in 3 people have invisible disabilities, and 1 in 5 have visible disabilities. Invisible disabilities are often disregarded by the general public, school staff members and family members. This can lead to kids and youth feeling unacknowledged and informant. 

  • Life expectancy for persons with disabilities is 23 years less than a person without due to income employment housing social networks etc.

  • 22% of Canadians have disabilities.  14% of British Columbians have disabilities. Up to 1,000,000 jobs will open by 2025 in BC, yet despite labour market shortage, over 175,000 men and women with disabilities and post-secondary education are at home without Jobs

  • 16.4% of BC population “ Youth “ between 15yrs - 35yrs have no employment literacy or Career Action Plan

  • Only 31% of persons with disabilities with Jobs in BC are women compared to 69% of men. Most Youths and persons with disabilities and Autism Spectrum have no CAREER PLAN or employment experiences and literacy.

  • Lack of access to resources is impacting the quality of life for parents.

  • Lack of access to the right information is limiting community spirit and harmony

  • Limited  activities that can enhance community building are being offered

What Your Donation Goes Towards

Global Access and Inclusion Foundation (GAIF) will be providing free career action, information literacy and access to resources campaign for persons with disabilities, immigrants, women and single parents, employers and individuals seeking access to resources that can enhance their lives and build communities in harmony. This includes;​

  •  Identifying interests, building a resume and cover letters and how to access employment resources in their various communities. ​

  • GAIF will be providing free information Literacy to parents of children with diverse abilities, neurodiversity and disabilities on how and where to access resources with government and community resources.​

  • GAIF will provide disabilities Literacy to employers on how to understand disability in the workplace, access inclusive candidates and where to access free government resources.​

  • GAIF will be providing cultural advocacy events that can enhance the spirit of community — learning about each other while enjoying the benefits of our neighbours through educational advocacy sessions, community and neighbourhood capacity building.​

  • Global Access and Inclusion Foundation is a community not for profit that provides evidence-based solutions to leadership communities and employers through knowledge Translation.  It is led by a doctoral researcher in diversity and inclusion and a coalition of experts in Inclusion and Diversity career development, Accessibility and Health.​​​

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Global Access and Inclusion Foundation (GAIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusion, diversity and equity in local communities and across Canada. Learn more.

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