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Inclusive Food Security

Global Access and Inclusion Foundation is now providing FREE Food Boxes with essential supplies to families and individuals who cannot afford to buy food due to financial hardships.  Available Halal and Culturally Appropriate Foods Boxes.

Our mission:

This Initiative was created to support individuals and families who are in financial hardships and cannot afford to maintain their families on a weekly basis. We hope to improve each participant's quality of life and health and reduce at-risk behaviours associated with poverty, hunger, abuse, and social isolation.

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Who Can Apply?

This is an inclusive program that welcomes individuals and families of any cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as people of colour, ethnic minorities, indigenous and new immigrants. 


Food Security is intended to help people who genuinely cannot afford to buy food and essential supplies. Please be considerate when you apply, as food box quantities are limited.


 If you are an individual or a family, who considers themselves to be part of any of the criteria below, please fill out the "Food Security Form."


Criteria ( Family or Single Person) 

  • Low-income or in financial difficulties

  • Be malnourished or experiencing famine

What is inside each Food Box : 

The items inside each Food box range from non-perishable food, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. GAIF takes into consideration the cultural, dietary and religious needs of each family and individual when preparing each Food Box. Certain food items can be requested but are not guaranteed to be in the box you asked for.

Food box Approval and Delivery:


Upon registration, we'll contact you to gather some extra information and personally approve your application. Once you have been approved, we'll provide an estimated delivery for your FREE Food box. This could range from 1-5 business days.

Food Hand Off
Child Eating from Bowl

More About 

Food Security

Research, including a late 2019 report, documents a prevalence of food insecurity among low-income populations  in Canada, including Newcomer Immigrants.  Food insecurity is compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused the loss of income for some and forced others to stay home to care for their children. This financial difficulty has posed an immediate threat to the food security of these individuals, their children and families.


 This initiative  will provide healthy and nutritious food for Blacks and African Canadians,  Newcomer Immigrant families and low-income individuals at risk of food insecurity in British Columbia . Food will include food hampers, grocery gift cards and locally cooked cultural food supplied in partnership with local restaurants in Victoria. Global Access and Inclusion Foundation is currently implementing a United Way funded food security project for Black immigrants in the Lower Mainland.

Anticipated Outputs

Food security is a huge concern within the low-income, new immigrants and Black population in BC due to limited access to resources such as income, housing, education, employment and social networks, The impact of COVID 19 has exacerbated this condition, leading to other social challenges and at-risk behaviours such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse particularly towards women and children living in poverty. We hope to provide direct access to food as a pathway of improving health and well-being and access to other community referral programs that can enhance the quality of life.

Key Information

Short term/long term indicators of success.

To build sustainable inclusive communities that have access to resources that can reduce poverty and enhance quality of life. To provide direct food and other household needs, items such as pads, diapers, hand sanitizers, masks, cleaning supplies etc. The long term goal is to use this as a pathway to educate in the form of literacy where and how to access resources and supports especially for the vulnerable and at-risk within the African Communities. This can also enhance community integration, inclusion, accessibility and diversity.

Does the initiative support priorities identified by the government? Which?

Yes. food security for vulnerable populations including seniors, persons with disabilities and children. However, this initiative is much of a priority as women from the Somalian Communities, Ghanaian and Nigerian Association of Vancouver directly reached out to us for this support as they did not have any direct access to government supports. We felt compelled to reach out to reputable organizations that can help.

Does the initiative support priorities identified by the community? Which?

Yes. The Somalian Women Association of Richmond, Ghanaian and Nigerian Community Associations in Surrey, In addition to a few African community churches within the Metro Vancouver Area has identified this initiative as a priority to help the needy and enhance community integration and supports

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