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How Can You Help

As a non-profit organization, we take pride in helping people, especially individuals with disabilities. We always strive to put out best foot forward; however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, GAIF is in much need of financial assistance as the government has provided fewer resources. With your help, you can help us support kids and youth with disabilities that need extra help in life to keep ongoing. On this page, you'll find four ways that you can support us.


The options are:

  1. Make a donation to our organization.

  2. Donate a car through"Donate a car Canada."

  3. Become a fundraising partner and host a "Third-party event" for donations.

  4. Leave a Legacy Gift

Please, read below for more detailed information regarding our four options.

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Donate Your Car Today

Donate a car Canada is a really easy way to make a charitable donation to your favorite charity. Donate a Car Canada accepts donations in every province. Donate a Car Canada will handle all aspects of your generous vehicle donation from the pickup to the final auction or recycle, ensuring that your car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat or RV is sold for the highest possible price. All proceeds will go to the charity of your choice.

To donate today, please Click the button below and follow the website instructions.

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Become a Fundraiser Partner

A third party event is a fundraising initiative staged and funded by a community group, club, business or individual (s) who wishes to raise money on behalf of a chosen charity.


To start the process fill out the registration form below with your information, then send it to us through email. Make sure that the event you are planning on hosting is within the GAIF approved third party activities.  Once we received  your information, we'll contact you to confirm to final details about your registration. If you have any question, feel free to contact us through email, phone or by our contact form.

Event Ideas

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Donation Boxes

Support Kids With Disabilities

Through our donation portal, you can support, care and maintain the lives of kids and youth with disabilities. With your donations, we focus on sharing disability literacy to families, business and institutional sectors around the greater Vancouver area, as well as providing community, recreational and counselling services for kids and youth with disabilities. You can help us with a one-time donation or monthly donation to continue providing support for our humble cause.

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