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About Global Access and Inclusion Foundation

Global Access and Inclusion Foundation (GAIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusion, diversity and equity in local communities and across Canada. With a multidimensional approach to global health, GAIF closely collaborates with governments, employers and communities to understand and address health disparities. Also, we provide services and programs dedicated to the promotion of accessibility, diversity, inclusion, health and immigration.

What Keeps Us Going

To function appropriately and effectively as an organization,  we have set standards to keep up in check of our priorities and duties as helpers of our beautiful community.

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Our Values

Diversity, Inclusion, Literacy, Evidence-based solutions

to enhancing Access to Resources.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life through improved access to resources.

Our Mission

Providing a business case through knowledge-translation.

Our Organization is Proud to Help

We are an inclusive organization willing and able to help anyone that requires personal or professional assistance. 


Kids & Youth

Every kids needs care and attention, but some other required a bit more of TLC.

Members of the 

LGBTQ Community 

We are a colourful organization, and we are made of different religions, nationalities, colours, genders and sexualities. We believe these attributes create a beautiful contrast against our neutral society. 

Celebrating Gay Pride

Families and Immigrants

With a trained and experienced staff, we can help families of different backgrounds and religions. We are open to anyone who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, immigrant or refugee. These include their families, as well as anyone within their friend circle. 

"A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.”

 Sundar Pichai




GAIF strategically focuses on five key areas and offers services to our partners across these areas;  Inclusion, Accessibility, Diversity, Health and Immigration.

Business People Applauding

Our Partners and Supporters

GAIF is supported by different organizations, institutions and government sectors. These benefactors allow us to run smoothly and continue helping the communities we care for. We would like to thank them for financially and professionally supporting us throughout our journey. 



Private Companies & For-Profit Sectors

Non-Profits &



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Somali Women's Empowerment Society

  • Richmond Food Aid Delivery Program

  • Atira Women's Resource Society Gas-town

  • Richmond Food Bank

  • Food Stash Foundation

  • Mama Bear Kitchen

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